Philippine Christian University

Learning Resource Center



           The LRC envision itself as providers of quality and timely information for the promotion and enhancement of the university’s vision, mission and goals.


The LRC supports the institution’s instructional curricular, research and extension programs through:

  • An organized relevant and fast delivery of information and services;
  • Timely and equitable access to the LRC’s resources and services;
  • A close and meaningful working relationship with students, faculty, administrators and staff of the university.
  • A maximized access to local and global information in cooperation with other libraries.

Quality Objectives

1. To continually upgrade the library and all its resources in order to meet the expanding educational program of the university.

2. To identify and store databases and files for easy and fast access of information.

3. To maintain a pool of trained personnel with technical skills and competencies.

4. To automate operations and services to keep abreast with current trends in modern information technology.

5. To develop and implement strategies to promote the use of the library and all other learning resources.

6. To link and network with local and international institutions to enhance the resources sharing capabilities of the center.